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Curriculum Overview

As a small school that specialises in academic excellence, Thetford Grammar School operates an ambitious curriculum from Nursery to Sixth Form. We believe that with individual care and expert tuition, every child can discover their own interests and refine these into the skills and talents that lead to the highest levels of success throughout life.

In Prep School, our Nursery through to Year Six pupils follow our own bespoke curriculum which is intentionally broad, demonstrating the connectivity between subject areas as well as giving every child the opportunity to develop intellectual curiosity and explore their academic potential.

Our Senior School builds on this breadth of opportunity in Years Seven and Eight, with pupils introduced to the greater depth of subjects and provided with suitable levels of challenge to help build the skills required at GCSE and A level.

Most pupils will study between nine and eleven GCSEs, with optional subjects selected in Year Nine, some elements of these courses begin at that time in preparation for Years Ten and Eleven. During GCSE studies, we help our pupils see the connections between these qualifications and their further studies at A level and beyond.

Sixth Form students follow our bespoke Pathways programme, carefully engineered to guide them towards complementary subject choices and extra-curricular activities that will support entry to highly competitive universities and careers.

The success of our curriculum is evident in the outstanding results our pupils achieve at GCSE and A level, which are frequently of nationally high ranking, and the incredible destinations that they go on to. Examples of how TGS has shaped learners from their early years to the impressive careers they now hold can be found below.

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