The House System

The School is divided into four Houses, each named after a famous Old Thetfordian and distinguished by colour. Pupils and students compete in a variety of activities throughout the school year, from Sports Afternoons, Swimming Galas, an annual House Quiz, Book Week Quiz and the Preparatory School House Music Festival. They receive House points for effort and achievement and there are many chances for them to get involved and help their House try to win the House Cup, through their enthusiasm, energy and talent. 

House Names









The History of the House System

The Boys’ House System 

Until 1934 three houses contested the boys’ house championship. INCOLAE, the boarders, RURICOLAE,
those from the countryside districts and OPPIDANI, the boys from the town. 

The imbalance of numbers from these three classes of boys had threatened the viability of the competition and the decision was taken to revolutionise the system. In the summer of 1934, four new houses were formed, two were named after former headmasters and two after recent Chairmen of the Governors. The first new house championship was awarded based on performances in soccer, boxing, swimming, athletics, cricket, rugby, work and conduct. The first winners were Millingtons.

The Girls’ House System 

Until 1938 the girls’ house championship was contested on a house system using the names of the four national saints: St Andrew, St David, St George & St Patrick. In 1938 this system was abolished and the girls remained with no house system until the late 1960s. The new system introduced at that time had houses called ASH, BEECH, OAK and THORN. In 1975, with the amalgamation of the two separate schools, the girls’ houses were merged alphabetically into the boys’ house system: 

  • ASH = COLES,