Former Student

Hi, I’m Hannah, I’m 25 and have been practising as a Veterinary Surgeon for a year. I graduated from the University of Bristol in July 2019 after my five-year degree. 

I joined TGS in year 13 after getting disappointing AS level results at my previous school. I was studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics and I needed at least AAA to get into vet school, but sadly at AS I only got ABB. That summer I also got diagnosed with dyslexia, which helped me understand why despite working so hard I couldn’t get the results I needed. 

Joining TGS was undoubtedly the best decision we ever made. They gave me all the help and support I needed with my dyslexia, making sure I had all the extra provisions and extra time in place for my exams. And the amazing science teachers went above and beyond to help me achieve my dream. I left TGS with A*AA and then got an unconditional offer to study Veterinary medicine at the University of Bristol the following year. 

Thanks to the team at TGS I now have a job that I love, working at a small animal practice in Suffolk on a 4 day week and I am about to buy my first home.