Ownership and Management of Thetford Grammar School

Since 2017, Thetford Grammar School has been owned by China Financial Services Holdings (CFSH), a Hong Kong-listed company. CFSH is very proud to be associated with the distinguished history of Thetford Grammar and the wider Thetford community. From 2017 onwards, a careful programme of investment in resources, bursaries and scholarships has enabled the school to grow whilst continuing to provide excellent academic outcomes.


Thetford Grammar School is licenced and regulated by the Department for Education and subject to exactly the same rigours of inspection as all other independent schools. Day-to-day, the school is managed by its Senior Leadership Team with the support of the Chair, Mr Jay Liu. We are fully committed to delivering an education that promotes Fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith. Thetford Grammar School has no links to any political party, domestically or internationally.


Academic standards at Thetford Grammar School remain exceptionally high because we continue to follow the school’s historic ethos and aims. Our teachers are experts in their fields and enjoy the autonomy necessary to design and deliver curriculums that benefit our diligent pupil body. We pride ourselves on strong relationships between school and home, built on transparency and trust, in support of all learners.


To find out more about how we regularly achieve 100% pass rates at GCSE and A level, how almost half of our GCSE results are graded 9 to 7, and how nearly 60% of A levels are graded A* to A, please contact admissions@thetgram.norfolk.sch.uk.