Former Student

I’m currently studying History at the University of Cambridge after having attended Thetford Grammar all the way from Year 3 to Year 13.

I decided to stay on for Sixth Form at TGS because the school had always had such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and I’m so glad that I did. My teachers were the ones who convinced me that applying to Oxbridge was an option that I had if I worked hard and persevered through my A-Levels. Small class sizes and enthusiastic, talented teachers made getting the grades I wanted to achieve much more of a possibility. Beyond this, all of my classes – History, English, Philosophy & Ethics, and Geography – were taught in ways that made the subjects interesting and also made clear their significance beyond the A-Level curriculum.

What I learned in one class was not only relevant in other classes but was also often helpful in studying for my degree and in other areas of life. I enjoyed my last two years at TGS immensely, and I can confidently state that without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.