School Aims, Ethos and Values

We aim:

  • To provide a unique, personalised education for all pupils aged 3-19 years;
  • To celebrate and support each child as an individual, finding their strengths and challenging them to achieve and to grow;
  • To provide a stimulating curriculum and excellent levels of pastoral care that enable the highest possible academic achievement and personal development of each pupil;
  • To cultivate in our pupils an international outlook that prepares them for success beyond school and inspires them to contribute positively as global citizens.

Our Ethos

We believe in the importance of a small school setting where an in-depth knowledge of each pupil – their strengths, their needs, their hopes – are known by all staff. This means we are able to set challenges appropriate to our pupils’ ability levels, ensuring that they are always being stretched to achieve the very best of which they are capable. 

Being a small school allows us to be flexible and creative with our curriculum. Small classes ensure that pupils receive individual attention from teachers. The excellent relations between pupils and staff result in a strong family atmosphere. Knowing our pupils well allows us to encourage them to take risks safe in the knowledge that we will support them.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on caring for the individual by emphasising personal development, academic excellence and sound preparations for a global future.

We promote academic achievement within a respectful and caring atmosphere where traditional standards are valued.

We help students develop their character through a wide range of educational pursuits, leadership endeavours and extra-curricular activities, whilst nurturing their personal qualities and self-esteem at every opportunity.

Our commitment to these priorities help pupils become well-balanced, happy and interesting people who are a pleasure to meet and know.

Our hope is that they will become successful and considerate leaders that can contribute to a better world.