Arts Award

Explore/Discover is being introduced this year for the Prep School. In our Senior School we already have several pupils going for the Gold Arts Award.

All pupils study for Bronze Arts Award starting with a visit to the home of sculptor Henry Moore. Bronze entails finding out about existing practitioners, creating work inspired by the practitioner, presenting their ideas and reviewing an exhibition.

Pupils may continue on to Silver and then Gold where they take on a bigger role and are fully responsible for their own learning.

Arts Award is an excellent opportunity for pupils to become more involved in school life as well as learning new skills and gaining UCAS points. Pupils have directed scenes or made costumes for school plays, run fund raising activities, designed shop windows and run musical events.


Through Arts Award young people make creative choices, set themselves challenges, explore the arts whether it be in art, drama, dance or music and share their skills and achievements. It is valuable, accessible and develops leadership skills leading to a national qualification. Arts Award reflects different interests and ambitions, respects individual development and helps young people to define their creative futures. It reflects high art, popular culture and the arts of all countries and cultures.


Young people can take part in many different ways, not only as creators of their own work, but also as performers, backstage team members, front-of-house staff, technicians, camera operators, writers, editors, DJs, costume designers, prop makers and so on. Arts Award can be achieved at five levels with four qualifications and an introductory award with Gold Arts Award contributing to UCAS points.