We aim to make learning as exciting as possible in the prep School, whilst ensuring full coverage of the National Curriculum, and beyond.

English and Maths are both taught by the class teacher every morning, when young minds are at their sharpest. The size of the classes means that the pupils can have targeted learning to either extend or support the child where relevant. In both subject areas there are close links with the Senior School Heads of English and Maths – and this way we can ensure that the pupils are fully prepared for life beyond the Prep School.

We have recently introduced our Exploration Curriculum. This new approach allows us to combine different traditional subjects together and dig more deeply into particular areas of learning. Geography, History, Science, Drama, PSHRE, Computing and DT are taught through a topic-based approach by the class teacher. This means that transferable skills can be used across the curriculum areas, we can go beyond the confines of the National Curriculum, and allow a more pupil-led approach. In short, we can work towards the interests of the pupils. Again, there is close collaboration with the Senior School teachers to ensure that the skills and knowledge covered prepare the pupils for Key Stage 3 and beyond. Lessons will take place in the Form Rooms, Junior DT room (where we have a fully functioning kitchen), Prep Hall and Library or the Outdoor Learning Classroom.

A list of current topics being studied can be found here:

  • Castles
  • Dinosaurs
  • India
  • Victorians
  • Christmas around the World
  • Light and sound
  • Habitats
  • Achievers and Inventors

There are specialist teachers for Modern Foreign Languages. In Reception and Year 1 pupils study French, from Year 2 German is introduced, and Spanish is run as an optional club at lunch times.

Art is also specialist taught and pupils make use of either the Junior DT room or the Senior School Art rooms when undertaking projects.

Both Languages and Art tie their lesson content to the topic the pupils are learning, as best they can, to give us a deep learning journey.

PE and Games are taught by the Senior games staff from Year 3 where they play a variety of sports such as football, netball, hockey, tennis and rugby. Swimming takes place in the Spring term, too.

Class music is taught in the Senior Music classroom by specialist staff and is a chance for the pupils to learn basic music theory, playing instruments together and singing as a choir. There are also music groups run as extra-curricular clubs.

Ensuring that pupils achieve their best is important and we use INCAS online tests to monitor the pupils’ development and potential. We have a dedicated Learning Support room and the SENDco and pastoral lead are on hand to support children as they require.

We also run clubs at lunch times and after school to extend the children’s curiosity beyond the classroom. A selection of these includes: Knitting Club, Discovery Club (STEAM), First Aid, and Music Tech.

It is important that the pupils have an opportunity to talk about their learning and so each class regularly takes assembly to present to the rest of the school, and visitors, about the topics they have been studying, or clubs’ activities they have undertaken. This also gives them the opportunity to learn how to speak in public, which is another skill required as they move through to the Senior School.

We also have regular concerts and plays for the Prep School, again giving the pupils a chance to showcase their talents in front of an audience. Senior School pupils are always on hand to work with the Prep team and help make these performances a success.