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Religious Studies / Philosophy & Ethics


Religious Studies at Thetford Grammar School facilitates pupils’ personal development. At each of the Key Stages, Religious Studies takes into account the awareness and abilities of pupils and contributes towards the personal development of the child as they engage with their own context in the world today.

This approach to learning involves shared concerns and experiences as opposed to shared topics. Rather than learning purely ‘about’ the different beliefs and practices of many religions, pupils explore questions such as those concerning matters of life and death from their own point of view, as well as though contrast of differing religious perspectives.

The schemes of learning for Key Stage 3 are designed with a view to the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Studies.

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A Relaxing Philosophy Conversation


Philosophy at TGS involves a healthy dose of debate and, more often than not, rage. This theory was tested vigorously, during a heated face off between Year 12 students. It focused around one of the most contentious issues that has existed ever since the beginning of the universe...the creation of the universe and the free will of the inhabitants in it.

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