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The Department’s role within the school is to initiate and stimulate curiosity and exploration, opening students’ minds to the vast part of the world which is only available to them through the sense of vision.

The Art Department is celebrated for its lively, diverse and focused atmosphere and for the variety of specialisms covered within the curriculum. It is well equipped for specialist activities including painting, sculpture, photography, textiles, silk screen printing and ceramics.

After being given a solid grounding in a variety of skills and styles in the lower school, GCSE and A Level students are encouraged to work to their strengths and the curriculum is carefully tailored to suit individual needs, creating independent learners.

The Department plays a major role in the atmosphere of Thetford Grammar School through displays, exhibitions, the Artist of the Month award, art workshops and entry to numerous competitions including the annual Saatchi Schools Exhibition and the International Children’s Competition in Lidice, Prague.

The Department organises trips and visits to local, national and international cities such as London, New York, Paris, Barcelona and the county of Cornwall. All students are entered for Arts Award at various levels.