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School Day

Pupils and students should be in school by 8.40am and most pupils arrive between 8.20am and 8.40am. However, the School Gates are open from 7.30am and pupils may be in school at any time after that. The usual arrangement is that pupils go to their form rooms. The Library and Computer Rooms are open from 8.00am.

At the end of the school day, if pupils and students are not going home or take part in an after school club they must register at Homework Club in Old School by 4.10pm and must sign out when they go home. The School closes at 5.30pm.

Registration 8.45am (Form Room)
Assembly 8.50am (Williamson Hall)

Period 1 9.10-9.50am
Period 2 9.55-10.35am

Break 10.35-10.55am (Tuck Shop open)

Period 3 10.55-11.35am
Period 4 11.35-12.15pm
Period 5 12.20-1.00pm

Lunch 1.00-1.45pm (Dining Hall)
Registration 1.45pm (Form Room)

Period 6 1.50-2.30pm
Period 7 2.35-3.15pm
Period 8 3.20-4.00pm

Twilight 1 4.05-4.45pm
Twilight 2 4:50-5:30pm