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School Day

Our Early Years children are supervised on their own playground between 8.30am – 8.45am. They are then collected by their Form Tutor to start their school day.


Assembly 9.00am

Period 1 9.15am-9.55am

Period 2 9.55am-10.35am

Break 10.35am-10.55am

Period 3 10.55am-11.35am

Period 4 11.35am-12.15pm

Period 5 12.15pm-12.35pm

Lunch 12.35pm-1.35pm

Registration 1.35pm-1.40pm

Period 6 1.40pm-2.30pm

Break 2.30pm-2.45pm

Period 7 2.45pm-3.10pm

Period 8 3.10pm-3.45pm

After school, our Early Years children are taken to meet their parents on the Early Years school playground.

After School Care is included in our fee and is run every day from 3.50pm until 5.30pm. A Prep School staff member will accompany children still waiting to be collected to After School Care where they will have a drink and snack before completing their homework and playing. Children can attend After School Care on a regular or occasional basis.