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Artist Of The Month

May 2018 - Connie

Congratulations to our Artist of the Month, Connie in Year 4. Connie has produced a beautiful watercolour of a vase of flowers during her art lessons. She has paid close attention to detail and really captured the colours and shapes of the individual flowers, as well as using tone to make them look 3-Dimensional. Well done.

April 2018 - Elena

Congratulations to Elena in Year 12 for her recent abstract work in her Fine Art lessons. Elena has pushed herself out of her comfort zone and begun to experiment more in her approach to Still Life. She has created two beautiful mixed media pieces, which are influenced by Cubism.

March 2018 - Elizabeth

Congratulations to Elizabeth in Year 10 for being awarded the Thetford Grammar School Artist of the Month award for March. Elizabeth has produced a 'horror' book cover design as part of a graphic design project within her Photography GCSE. She researched her design thoroughly, including typefaces and text placement as well as taking all her own photographs and manipulating these in Photoshop to create the 'mysterious' look to her final cover.

February 2018 - Gracie

Congratulations to Gracie in Year 8, our Artist of the Month for February. Gracie completed a study about Henry Moore in preparation for her visit to his studios. She used her own drawings, researched Moore’s career and presented her work well in her sketchbook. Great work, Gracie!

January 2018 - Matthew

Congratulations to Year 8 Matthew for his African textiles project work. Matthew has used tie dye and silk screen to produce a pencil case inspired by African textile designs.