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Thetford Grammar School Pupils Shine with New GCSE Results


We would like to congratulate all Thetford Grammar School students who have received their GCSE results in August.  

Twenty-nine pupils sat GCSE Examinations this year. With a 99% pass-rate, 97% of pupils gained five 9-4 grades including Maths and English. 46% of all papers were graded 9-7, an increase on last year’s similarly impressive results. Indeed, 16% of all grades were awarded at 9; statistics for the 2019 country-wide cohort are still being compiled, but last year grade 9 results only made up 4.5% of results nationally indicating that our pupils will again have performed significantly higher than average.

In amongst excellent results are many stories of individual successes, with pupils accomplishing their highest possible personal goals. It is a pleasure to share in these journeys and to see the positive impact that attending Thetford Grammar School has had on pupils’ attainment. These results are a testament to the determination and diligence of our pupils, to the care and guidance of their families, and to the expertise of their teachers.


Thetford Grammar School celebrates 100% pass rate in A Level examinations


We would like to congratulate all Thetford Grammar School students who received their A-Level results.

A Level results 2019            

A* = 24%

A / A*= 61%

A* - B = 74%

A* - C = 92%                                                              

Eleven students sat A-Level Examinations this year, with a further three taking AS examinations. We are delighted that so many of our students achieved excellent grades and are now going on to some of the country’s top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.  Five students obtained straight A* or A grades across a wide range of subjects.  Four subjects achieved 100% A*/A success and six subjects obtained 100% A*-B grades.  Overall, success has improved at every grade level over last year’s results.

It is a pleasure to share in our students’ successes and excitement about their futures and to hear personally from them how big a difference attending Thetford Grammar School has made to their aspirations. These results reflect the tremendous diligence of our students, their scholarship and tenacity as well as the unstinting support and inspiration of their teachers.